We teach much of the National Curriculum through creative themes that excite and inspire the children.  Some subjects are taught as stand alone subjects where this is not possible. We have recently revised our themes in line with the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1.  Throughout Key Stage 1, we follow a two year theme programme. Our curriculum and themes are enhanced each term through visits, workshops, theatres, visitors and themed days in school.

The curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage will be child led and therefore will change according to the interests of the children.

These were our themes for the last academic year (you can click on the links below for more details for your child's class):


Autumn 1 - "Guess Who?"

Autumn 2 - " Toys R Us!"

Spring 1 - "Under the Sea"

Spring 2 - "Why Was Christopher Columbus a Brave Man?"

Summer - "Where do, and did, the Wheels on the Bus Go?"


We will update you as our topics are decided for this year.


To look at this term's theme booklet please click on the links below.

Key Stage 1 Parent Information Sheet Summer Term

Key Stage 1 Parent Information Sheet Spring Term

  Key Stage 1 Theme Booklet Autumn Term

  Reception Theme Booklet Autumn Term