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We teach the National Curriculum and Early Years Framework through creative themes that excite and inspire the children.  However some subjects are taught as stand alone subjects, where this is not possible. We have revised our themes in line with the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1. Throughout Key Stage 1, we follow a rolling two year themed programme. Our themes are enhanced through visits, workshops, theatres, visitors and themed days in school. Also our curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage is also based around topics and we follow the Development Matters areas of learning. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and unique to the needs of our children.


Click on the links below to see how we teach our curriculum for each Year Group.

Here is Cycle 1 of our 2-year programme of topics.
TermEYFS themeKey Stage 1 theme 
Autumn 1Where would you like to go?What is an island? 
Autumn 2Would you like to journey under the sea? How were toys different in the past? Why do we remember? 
Spring 1Do you want to be a superhero?What was Whitehaven like 100 years ago?


Spring 2Do you know any real life superheroes?Do you wish you were here? (focussing on Brazil)


Summer 1Can a frog live in a tree?Do all heroes wear capes?


Summer 2Can a frog live in a tree?Would you like to be beside the seaside? 


Here is Cycle 2 of our 2-year programme of topics. 


TermEYFS themeKey Stage 1 theme 
Autumn 1What makes me special?Where do we live?


Autumn 2Who lives in the wood?Do all castles have moats?


Spring 1What did the hungry caterpillar eat?What is weather?


Spring 2Do you like to cuddle up with a book?What was the Great Fire of London?


Summer 1Who put the colours in the rainbow?Do you wish you were here? (focussing on Australia)


Summer 2Why were the wheels on the bus round?What happened to the Titanic?
Click below to view all of the Parent Information Sheets and Knowledge Organisers for our Topics.

We also plan special curriculum days and weeks focusing on different aspects of the Curriculum. Please find details below from previous years:



Autumn 1

Creative Writing Week - Pirates take over the school

Creative Writing Week - What's in the egg?

Autumn 1

Creative Writing Week - Alien Landing

Maths Problem solving afternoon with Cumbria Primary Teacher Training in Year 2

Autumn 1Creative Writing Week - author visit linked to Fred the Fire-Sneezing Dragon

Autumn 2

Remembrance Day (Year 2) looking at the History of World War 1

Remembrance Day (Year 2) and looking at why we wear poppies?  

Autumn 2

Kindness week looking at PSHE

Anti-bullying week looking at how we should respect each other

Autumn 2

Christmas Crafts developing Art and Design


Autumn 2

Christmas nativities developing Performing Arts / Drama


Spring 1 and 2

Bright Stars Project developing our Enterprise skills/British Values


Spring 1

U Dance Festival (Year 2) developing Performing Arts


Spring 1

Number Day


Spring 1

Safer Internet Day developing Computing skills


Spring 2

World Book Day developing a love of reading

U Dance festival (Key Stage 1) developing performing arts

Spring 2

Global Christianity Week developing our RE and Geography skills

Global Neighbours week looking at different cultures across the world

Summer 1

Hawse End Residential (Year 2) developing outdoor and adventurous activities PE skills


Summer 1

World Fairtrade Day raising awareness of PSHE issues

 Whitehaven Music Festival - voice speaking competition

Summer 1

British Science Week


Summer 2

PE week including healthy eating (Phunkyfoods)


Summer 2

Whole school art project looking at a famous artist


Summer 2

Year 2 whole school production developing Performing Arts / Drama skills