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St James’ C of E Infant and Nursery School  is fully committed to every child receiving the very best education and to ensuring that all pupils reach their full potential. To achieve this, teachers aim to deliver outstanding lessons and the school rightly has high expectations of its pupils. We expect all members of the school community to behave well, work hard, achieve high standards appropriate to their learning abilities, show respect for one another and to ensure that the School is a positive and safe place to be.


Our school Christian Values play a huge part in this and ensure that the children 'choose the right path' when making decisions about their behaviour. 


Please read our behaviour policy and behavioual expectations document below for more information. 


Class Dojo

At St James' Infant and Nursery School we use Class Dojo to promote positive behaviour. It is a child friendly behaviour incentive which rewards the children for positive behaviour, good work, collaboration, team work etc. A full list of the possible Dojo points are shown in the photograph below. As the children receive their points, this then counts towards different milestones in which they can receive stickers, ceryificates, pencils and prizes as a reward.


At the end of each half term the top two Dojo Champions from each class are rewarded with a prize such as a visit to the park, a party, ice cream etc.


Through the Dojo system there is also a 'needs work' section. Children will lose a point for any negative behaviour. 


Different ways in which children can earn a Dojo.

Some of the wonderful prizes the children can receive for reaching Dojo Milestones.