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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


We have published photographs of our staff below so that you can recognise us. Please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff if you have a query.

Mr Michael Craig - Head Teacher
Mrs Clair Brown - School Business Manager
Miss Charlotte O'Neil - Secretary

Great Gable

Great Gable is a Nursery class.

Mrs Simone Chambers - Teacher
Mrs Jenny King - Teacher
Miss Joanne Bragg - Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Val Howard - Senior Teaching Assistant


Melbreak is a Reception class

Miss Stephanie Sapsed - Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Kerry Irwin - Senior Teaching Assistant

Cat Bells

Cat Bells is a mixed Year 1 & Year 2 class.

Mrs Joanne Cocksedge - Teacher
Mrs Aga Coulson - Senior Teaching Assistant


Scafell is a mixed Year 1 & Year 2 class.

Miss Kim Powell - Teacher
Mrs Debbie Bennett - Senior Teaching Assistant


Skiddaw is a mixed Year 1 & Year 2 class

Mrs Emma Butterworth - Teacher
Miss Rachel Morgan - Teacher

You will see a variety of other staff in school too..

Mrs Elaine Pattinson
 Mrs Jayne Lobb
Mrs Clare Winker
Miss Janice Rose
Miss Jemma Deans

Our kitchen staff are:

Mrs Trish Hendren - Cook
Mrs Lyn Broatch - Assistant Cook

The staff that work in our Breakfast and After School Club are:

Miss Joanne Bragg
Mrs Debbie Bennett
Mrs Kerry Irwin
Miss Eloise Cocksedge