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Spiritual Moral Social Cultural education

Our recent parent survey (October 2023) identified our welcoming atmosphere and positive ethos as strengths of the school. 


Children’s development is shown by their…

Examples of how we promote spiritual development at St. James’


  • Reflect on own beliefs
  • Knowledge of different faiths
  • Sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves others and the world around them
  • Use of creativity in learning
  • Willingness to reflect on experiences
  • RE planning shows a coverage of faiths following Cumbrian Agreed Syllabus for RE 2023-24
  • Collective worship planning shows different faiths with different festivals covered
  • Regular visits to St James’ church
  • Picture news weekly collective worship
  • Awe inspiring moments- wows/ows/nows
  • Visits/ visitors to facilitate awe and wonder
  • Christian values
  • Book blankets show books that cover different faiths and cultures
  • Responses to art and music
  • Reflections during RE, PSHE lessons and Collective Worship
  • Celebration assemblies- commending talents and achievements
  • Children reflect on how Bible stories can shape their lives today
  • Behaviour policy and school rules link directly to Christian values.


  • Recognise difference between right and wrong
  • Consequences of behaviour

      -      Appreciate the viewpoint of others

  • Reflection areas linked to the current Christian value
  • Writing to MPs linked to ‘Protecting the Pricklies’- courageous advocacy
  • Positive behaviour and relationships policy adhered to by all staff. Children understand the expectations and there are a stepped series of sanctions (if needed).
  • PSHE- Heart Smart
  • Nurture provision
  • Being on the right path- respectful and safe
  • Family Action- draw and talk, decider skills
  • School council discussions dovetail into school improvement
  • Explicit teaching of right and wrong
  • Staff train children to develop a strong moral compass
  • Exploration of moral rights and wrongs through characters in stories/ dilemmas/ actions that they take


  • Working and socialising with pupils from different religious and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Willingness to participate in a variety of communities and social settings including volunteering, cooperating well and resolving conflicts easily
  • Acceptance and engagement with British Values
  • Bright Stars enterprise
  • U Dance/ Big Sing
  • Rosehill Music Hub
  • Church services e.g. Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas
  • Effective transitions- children settle into their classes and bond well with their peers
  • Range of after school club activities- varied and involving children from across the age range
  • Year 2 outdoor residential to Hawse End
  • Whitehaven cluster sports competitions
  • Joint church services with Junior School
  • St James’ shepherds- play leaders
  • Social stories and circle time
  • Christmas and Summer fayre involving the whole community
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning with parents and Grandparents
  • Regular parent workshops e.g. stay and play, phonics, early reading
  • Trips- see enrichment
  • Visitors into school e.g. surprise reader
  • School discos
  • Links with St James’ church
  • Regular visits to Whitehaven Library
  • Support of the Parish Pantry
  • Think global, act local projects e.g. beach clean


  • Cultural influences shapes our own heritage
  • Appreciation and understanding of different cultures in school
  • Ability to recognise and appreciate the things we have in common across cultural, religious and socio economic communities
  • Knowledge of Britain’s parliamentary system
  • Willingness to participate artistically, musically and sporting opportunities
  • Exploring improving understanding of and showing respect for different faiths
  • Summer show production
  • School nativities
  • Voice speaking competition- choral
  • U Dance
  • Big Sing event
  • Collective Worship, RE and PSHE give children insights into other cultures and their traditions
  • Art project in conjunction with the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven
  • Working with a local artist for whole school King’s Coronation project
  • Emphasis on global Christianity e.g. how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world
  • Our parent feedback shows that a sense of belonging is created here from people of different cultures
  • A range of cultural experiences e.g. parent sharing Hindu customs and traditions
  • Diversity of Literature- see English page
  • Use of Picture News to educate children on current world affairs
  • Food tasting through curriculum themes
  • Investment in a diverse range of texts for the school library